Choosing an Illustrator for Your Book

As a writer, you know a book is a major investment. Be it a self-published book, ebook, or a book getting printed through a big publishing house. But imagine having to put the finishing touches on your book without the illustrations, or at least not enough of them. Imagine self-publishing a book through a website like without a mind-blowing cover that seizes the attention of every person. Illustrations are what give a book an aesthetic appeal.

Now you can take a break from the final proofreading, or you can keep cranking out those last few pages. Choosing an illustrator for your book is a daunting task. You want to be picky, but you also need to be practical. Many people don’t realize the importance of hiring a good illustrator, but this is important. Your illustration is the core of your book. It will make or break your book. And here are some tips on choosing an illustrator for your book.

What type of illustrator are you looking for?

How do you find an illustrator for your book? How do you choose from the many people that are out there? Many authors ask me how they can choose an illustrator for their book. As a published author, you are very lucky that you can choose someone you want and ask them to do your book. While this is fairly easy to do, it can be very difficult to explain why you want an illustrator and why they should do your book. So then how do you choose?


When you’re planning a book, you must think about the illustrations you would like to have in your book. Think of what you would like to appear on each page of your book. Storyboarding your book comes from the movie business. Movies are made using storyboards. The storyboard artist creates all the drawings for the entire film at once. Once the script is finished, it is passed to the Storyboard Artist, who has a working script and all the drawings. Together they create the movie. This will be a good skill to have as an author if you think about it. It will help you to see what you want your book to look like and also help you to get a sense of the cost of having that illustrated book produced.


Perform thorough research

If you’re interested in creating a book, you should know that the process of bringing it to life can be challenging, especially when you’re not an expert. However, you can use your creativity and imagination to produce a professional book even with limited knowledge and skills. Fortunately, there are many experienced professionals out there who can help you make your book a reality – you just really need to exert any effort in researching to find the best candidate.


When it comes to illustration, there are many things to consider, from how you want your illustrations to look to how many you will require. The more illustrations you require, the more you should consider an illustrator with a larger portfolio. In addition, you should take into consideration their level of experience, how much time you have to spend working with the illustrator, and what kind of experience they have with children’s books.


Make sure you have a written contract

A good contract is a must for all self-publishing authors who rely on an illustrator to create their book cover. Several illustrators have declined to work on a project because they didn’t receive a contract. They are afraid to lose the copyright to the cover once it gets published or that the contract will limit their opportunities to sell the illustration to other publishers.


If you’re interested in hiring an illustrator to work on your book, you must have a written contract. Many experienced illustrators have a contract they use, which contains all the important information you need to engage the artist and make sure you are covered in the event of any issues.

The book you write will one day be published and displayed in bookstores and libraries around the world. This is why it’s so important to choose the right illustrator. Unfortunately, finding the best illustrator is much more difficult than finding the right publisher. People tend to think of it as a luxury when it comes to art. However, it is important to keep in mind that it is an essential part of all creative endeavors.

Being a writer is a very hard job since you are constantly in touch with your creative self, with no rest. That is why you need to constantly boost your creativity so that your story will stand out from the crowd of other stories. One of the best ways to do that is to choose an illustrator that will help you with the artwork and make your book look beautiful.

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