3 Apps That Have Enhanced Taking Pictures

Since photography has become digitalized, it has been possible to enhance our photos to increasingly professional standards and increasing levels of fun. This has taken place through the use of various photo enhancement software offered by companies like Topaz Labs (https://www.topazlabs.com/), graphics packages on PCs, and more recently, through mobile app technology. This article will explore some of the apps that allow digital photographers to enhance and manipulate their images. In the case of amateur photography, it can be out of fun or the necessity to improve an image that would otherwise need to be deleted. Development of apps such as these, need to be done in the best way possible to make sure that they are working to their optimum level. Checking out a webpage that discusses this process and how it can be customized, can help developers understand what to do.


Snapseed, a photo-editing application for Android and iOS devices, allows users to enhance their photos and to apply digital filters. Initially released in 2011, the app was created by Nik Software but is now owned by Google. The app is classed as freeware and so is free to Android and iOS users.

The tools on Snapseed allow users to add filters that enhance the coloring of a photo, adjust the white balance, artificially create lens blur or a double exposure shot, and to expand an image’s borders. In addition, it will allow users to add frames and text to their images.


Developed by Adobe Inc., Lightroom is a piece of image manipulation and organization software. It is supported by, in addition to Android and iOS, Windows, macOS, and tvOS. The app was first available in 2007.

In Lightroom, you can create presets that allow you to save on time and Develop Style. It has an intuitive user interface. Lightroom has a powerful RAW file editor. Images can be easily cropped and creatively adjusted with the built-in tools. Adjustment settings can easily be transferred from one image to another. The non-destructive editing settings of this app will protect your original photographs and images. In addition, Lightroom can batch process images by using the Quick Develop panel.

Adobe Photoshop Express

Also available on Android, iOS, and Windows is Adobe Photoshop Express. This is a free app that can be used for editing images precisely, with plugins like this Photoshop color wheel, and also collage making. It is possible to install the app on any Windows desktop that has Windows 8 and above installed. This can be done via the Microsoft Store.

This free mobile app exists as a powerfully quick and easy way to edit your photos and to create collages. With it, you can also instantly apply filters, known as Looks. In addition, photoshop offers you a select range of correction and adjustment options that you can use to touch up your photos. Another of its features is that you can instantly share or distribute your photos on social media platforms such as Facebook.

There are many more apps available with similar functions that you can use to manipulate your photos and images. Others you might have heard of include Bazaart, Photofox, PicsArt, and Prisma. Give or take a few functions, they perform much the same role in terms of image enhancement and adjustment. The things that we tend to want to change will either relate to just keeping a portion of the image, improving the look of what we have, or adding in some fun features to it.

Editing is about being able to take away what is bad and adding something good. Or at least something that we think is good. Lighting is particularly important, as an image that is too dark fails to be noticed because it has not displayed clearly enough what the photographer wanted to capture. Something unwanted in the background can provide an unnecessary distraction to the eye. However, with these kinds of packages, it is possible to reaffirm what we attended as the focal point of any photograph.

Now that we have the technology to take digital photos, why not enhance them so that we can enjoy them more?

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