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Tammy Rivera Apologizes For Slamming Megan Thee Stallion In Defense Of Waka Flocka

Megan The Stallion, despite being the victim of a shooting reportedly at the hands of fellow rapper Tory Lanez (as she revealed here), has had to defend herself from ridicule and criticism since the incident first rocked headlines last month.

From Jess Hilarious to T.I., 50 Cent, and Draya Michele (click here to read more), even celebrities have joined the chorus of detractors who have made light of or side-eyed the event.

The latest making headlines for the stance is Rap-turned-reality TV star Waka Flocka.

Did you miss the drama that ensued from his perceived co-sign of Meg’s situation?

Look inside to see:

As captured by our friends at TSR (seen above), Flocka commented ‘100 100’ on a photo that suggested Stallion’s recount of her shooting incident should be questioned.

Perceived to be a co-sign, fans began weighing in on the ‘No Hands’ hitmaker’s response – including Megan who commented:about:blankabout:blank

“He didn’t make it past the 9th grade I expect nothing less coming out of his mouth.” 

Although Flocka revisited the original post to assure readers he was not in agreement with the doubt it cast over Meg’s side of the story, Tammy Rivera – his wife – entered the chat on defense mode.

Taking umbrage with the ‘Savage’ hitmaker’s assumed diss, Rivera wrote:

Rivera’s response garnered so much traction on Twitter she trended for hours as commenters slammed her for rushing to judgment.

Later, she recanted her original statement and reiterated her apology to Megan.

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